A Haul for the Ages

Yesterday promised to bring us a good dumpster diving haul. It had stopped raining for two consecutive days, leaving time for our garbage to dry before being sorted. I was itching to see what the start of the quarter would bring us.

We visited two dumpsters for about 30 minutes, managing to unearth the following:

An unused bottle/bladder type thing, with a lovely cardinal-red carabiner to go with!




Face and hair masks. (Two more are not pictured since they've already been gifted to my roommate. And yes, she knows they're from the dumpster.)



NBA 2K17





A Kendall and Kylie maroon bodysuit. I've included the catalog photo, since ours is currently being washed.



A stack of unused Swiss Miss packets...



... and a flowerpot to hold them!

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