Dumpster Update: 1/10/2019

It's interesting to me how much distance we try to put between ourselves and our waste. Once we've produced it, it has to be out of sight. We want to think of it no more (perhaps why many cultures ostracized the 'unclean' rungs of society who were forced to deal with waste out of economic need.) Yes, trash is gross. It's smelly, messy, and at times mysteriously wet. But it's also something that we've created, an intimate byproduct of our existence on this earth. Shouldn't we have to face that?

Literally a day's worth of trash from one of the dozens (hundreds, even?) of dumpsters on campus.

What I'm struck by every time I dumpster dive is how little true waste we produce. What I mean is, if everyone sorted out their bottles and cans, composted (or ate) their food, recycled paper, plastic bags, and bubble wrap before it was soiled by the would-be-compostables, we'd be left with relatively little. Plastic food wrappers and the few un-recyclable hard plastics are a problem, yes, but they don't fill up half a dumpster in a day and a half.

Some sad sights from today's dive:

A bag full of cans... found in the trash.

Someone gave up on their succulent.

More recyclables in the trash.





This section is equal parts exciting and sad to report each week. It's amazing to find goods every week and saddening to realize how many other perfectly-usable "treasures" similar to the ones we find go on to the landfill.

Today's finds included a pair of wireless earbuds and a 6 ft. cable charger (both working perfectly), two pairs of shoes, chocolate covered almonds, a flashlight, a comforter, dried mangos, a laptop case, and plastic easter eggs.

And, finally, some pictures of the best, most wholesome part of this venture, the community!

Unsorted trash makes Zoe sad.

We love the smell of dumpster in the afternoon.


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