More Quick Pics

It's Dead Week here at happy ol' Stanford, so this is again going to be a short post.

Even in the midst of Dead Week, Zoe and I have managed to dumpster dive TWICE! Captured below are a few of the many fine moments.

Zoe and I decided to show you how much recycling we are able to purge from each dumpster by taking before and after pictures of a recycling bin! We'll try to do this more from now on, but here's our first before-after comparison.

Before. (The food containers were also recycled by me, but I remembered to take the photo only after I'd tossed them in. )

After. A much fuller, happier recycling bin.


A FULL rotisserie chicken, with a small slice cut out. Did this person decide to become vegetarian halfway through this meal?

I hope that this person turned over a new leaf and decided to stop eating meat. Still, they could've recycled the book instead of tossing it into the dumpster.


Zoe stars longingly at a stuffed animal in the trash bag.

Until next time,


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