Spring Update!

It’s the end of Spring Quarter! We have some exciting updates to share:

First off, Zoe and I have created a little snack share outside our room! Of course, all the snacks are from the dumpster. It’s a great way to feed our hungry hallmates and reduce food waste, plus it’s slowly changing people’s perceptions of trash. It makes me so happy to wake up in the morning, walk out into the hall, and see half of the snacks from the night before gone.

Teas, gummies, trail mix, microwave popcorn. Sweet and savory, healthy and junky, we’ve got it all!
A closer look: Dried mangoes, pudding cups, protein bars, sour gum balls…

The success of our “snack share” shows that it’s not impossible to change people’s behaviors. I never in a million years thought that some of my friends would be eating dumpster food, but I guess even great squeamishness can be eroded with time, persistence, and junk food.

The second update is just some pictures from a recent dive. Enjoy!

As an avid baker, I’m always stoked to find dumpster eggs. Although vegan baking isn’t tough, it’s nice to make cookie dough the way I used to in high school without having to brainstorm creative vegan swaps. I had big plans for these eggs (five loaves of banana bread), but in the midst of whisking together a huge batch of batter, discovered they were hard-boiled!

Oh the irony of an un-recycled ecology textbook…

The THIRD update is about community engagement!

Earth Fest– a sustainability event for prospective freshman and Stanford students– happens every Admit Weekend. We tabled at the event and had the opportunity to show Profros the wonders (and horrors) of Stanford’s waste sorting problem and feed the little buggers some dumpster banana bread!

Stanford Dumpster Diving also recently tabled at FoodInno, a food innovation conference held at Stanford mid-May. This year’s theme was sustainability! Zoe and I got to share an impressive produce haul from Mollie Stone’s and shared some dumpster banana and zucchini bread. (If I remember, I’ll edit this post soon and add some good photos!)

We’ve been lacking on the updates, but don’t think that any of our dumpster zeal is gone!



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