Welcome to 2020!

Hello dumpster enthusiasts!

Just popping in quickly to let you know that Zoe and I are still dumpster diving and doing well. It was a crazy fall quarter, and updating our blog went by the wayside to make room for classes, moving into a new living space, and meeting new people. BUT, it is a new year and a new quarter! I am hoping to post more this quarter and make up for the lack of updates in 2019.

One quick dumpster diving anecdote to hold you over: In New York City over the summer, I made it my goal to buy as little food as possible, since I knew the city was crawling in amazing food that would go into the trash every night. One quintessential NYC food is bagels, and I was SET on getting my hands on not only an authentic NYC bagel but one of the city’s BEST bagels!

My dreams came to fruition when I discovered that Absolute Bagels (which makes it on many online lists for “best bagel in NYC”) was only a few blocks from where I lived. After a few nights of scoping out the store, I figured out the store’s schedule for tossing out bagels, and was drowning in oniony, rye-y, and everything-y goodness for the rest of the summer. My favorite thing was strolling past long lines of New Yorkers waiting to get their bagels on weekend mornings, knowing that I had picked up dozens only a few hours prior from the curbside.

Love you all!


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